Ten Properties
About Us
We combine personalized real estate investing with advanced data analytics, presented in a way that every investor can understand.

Founded in Austin, Texas, we specialize in investment modeling using proprietary analytics and advanced signal processing to identify market trends for investment portfolios.

At the heart, we are investors, with real property assets. We couldn’t get the data we needed from the real estate community to do what we do, so we built it ourselves. However, real estate is only as good as the players, and the more the merrier. Ever tried to play MONOPOLY® by yourself? … doesn’t work so well. Players define a market, and a market breeds liquidity. This liquidity is what allows you to find the home of your dreams, sell the home of your last dreams, or invest for the future.

We provide real estate agency and data analytic services to the greater Austin-metro area. Call, text, or email us any time for more information or to schedule a free no-obligation appointment.


Why "Ten Properties"?

Great question! We picked our name for three reasons.

  1. 10 is roughly the number of $250k properties it takes to produce a six-figure net income
  2. 10 is the maximum number of conventional loans allowed for investors
  3. 10 is the reasonable limit that you can self-manage
Our goal is to help you generate sustainable passive income, so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. Starting building your ten today.