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Real estate agent

When it comes to real estate, who do you trust?

As the only real estate service that combines personal hands-on mentoring, advanced data analytics, and our own investment portfolio experience, we help you build your ten properties.

REALTORS®, get the data you need to help your investor clients maximize ROI

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Data that empowers your clients

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. How prepared are you to keep them?

We give you and your clients the data they need to make the time-sensitive decisions necessary to win in this business. You work hard for your clients… we help you keep them.

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For Investors

Take that step towards your ten properties

FREE agent representation

We’ve got your back, because we’re investors too. We’ve stood exactly where you stand, and wondered exactly what you wonder. Our staff of licensed REALTORS® backed by the brokerage firm Texas Ally Real Estate Group, will help guide you through every step of the process.

FREE software platform

We’ve built a platform of data based on mathematical modeling and years of experience. We have access to information that you just can’t get without a license, and we use that data to inform our OWN investment decisions. In other words, we built this for us! No matter what level of investor you are, we have offerings that scale with you.

Getting started

Buying that first property is both exciting and confusing. You can find a new car with just a few mouse clicks these days, but it still takes 45-60 days, multiple brokers, title companies, insurance companies, loan officers, and inspectors, just to buy a house you’re never going to live in. Ever wonder why there are so many apartments? Renting is easy. Buying is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

For Professionals

Offer your clients the data they demand

Client support

Investor clients have an incessant number of questions and desire for more data before they can pull the trigger. We were one of them and struggled to find the tools we needed, so we built them ourselves. We provide these tools to our own clients and offer them to real estate professionals on a subscription basis. You work hard for your investor clients, we help you keep them.

Rich data access

It all starts with big data. Decades of historical data for every zip-code and subdivision is aggregated and normalized across a myriad of factors, including inflation and seasonal buying cycles. By applying multi-variable polynomial regression and cross-correlation algorithms, the data can be predicted and visualized, both up and down the market spectrum. Every single address can be evaluated for current market value, future appreciation, and total ROI.

Your brand. your way

Whether you’re a REALTOR®, broker, property manager, or investment firm, we offer customized solutions to meet the needs of your clients. Contact us to learn more.

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My wife and I would highly recommend Brian Johnson. In addition, we appreciated his data driven approach to analyze the deal with models based on MLS data.

We would definitely work with Brian again and would recommend for both the beginner and experienced investor.

The entire process from identifying to signing leases has been very smooth thanks to Brian’s help guiding me along the way.

Through Brian’s guidance we had a tenant in less than 24 hours of closing for our first property investment.

We recently closed on our first investment property after years of research and saving. Brian provided us with financial modeling tools and consultation to help manage our risk and feel comfortable with this purchase.

Brian’s background in Engineering gives him a unique perspective on how to look at Property Investment objectively showing me that buying a home to live in is different from buying property as an investment.

The closing was incredibly smooth and Brian handled everything, including the negotiation of amenities including free blinds and garage door opener!

We were so impressed we are using Brian to list and close on our first lease.

Brian’s in-depth knowledge of Property Investment, particularly in the greater Austin area, was instrumental in showing the risks and potential rewards.

I received daily emails with new property listings, featuring properties ranked and scored, tailored to the investment strategy which Brian helped me formulate.

Buying property is not something I do every day so having an expert to help guide me, and get me the best deal reducing the price and adding extras like fridge, blinds, washer, dryer and garage door opener at no cost.

Brian was in constant communication with the community sales staff building a rapport with them as my agent. 

Brian showed me online tools to help manage the rental property including payments from the tenants to my account.

The lease for our first property, we now have two, has subsequently been renewed with the help of Brian at a higher rate per the investment strategy we laid out.

Brian reviewed all the documentation including the sales agreement with addendums and attended the closings helping to identify discrepancies in the documentation and explain these to me.